Performance Coach Development

In the long-term NCZ would like to appoint all of its performance coaches from within the zone. To date this has not happened.

Therefore NCZ will ensure performance coach opportunities are developed and implemented within the NCZ suite of programmes to ensure that we have a surfeit of appropriately skilled home grown coaches for our next recruitment process.

The Performance Director will work closely with the Coaching Director to identify, develop and grow the best performance coaches in the Zone with appropriate training and developmental opportunities.

Zone Selectors

NCZ will develop a network of selectors who will select and de-select at every level of the zone performance programme. The Zone will seek to appoint a Head of Selectors who will in turn work to appoint similar roles in each centre.

This process will comprise a recruitment process, training & development & implementation. It is anticipated a network of Zone selectors will be fully operational by the commencement of the 2017/18 Beko pre-season programme.

The role of the selector network will be to give life to the NCZ performance plan by selecting the best athletes into our teams and squads thereby ensuring our squads and teams enjoy the highest levels of success. Our selection network will also keep an eye on the movement players in and out of the programme; through the programme; and in and out of the zone.