VIXENS:  Bailey (GS), Caldwell (GA), Browne (WA), Watson (C), Moloney (WD), Weston (GD), Chatfield (GK).
THUNDERBIRDS: Borrego (GS), Bell (GA), Waddington (WA), Proud (C), Gilmore (WD), Bulley (GD), Poolman (GK).

MAGIC v SWIFTS. Court 1, 9am


MAGIC: Paskea (GS), Halpenny (GA), Rasmussen (WA), Sinclair (C), Manu (WD), Trip (GD), de Bruin (GK). 
SWIFTS: Dziwoki (GS), Pratley (GA), Davies (WA), Hadley (C), McCulloch (WD), Letton (GD), Layton (GK).

Haier Pulse Head Coach Robyn Broughton is looking forward to this weekend’s official ANZ Championship pre-season ‘Summer Shootout’ tournament in Melbourne.

The Haier Pulse’s pre-season weekend in Taranaki proved to be a highly successful initiative, and not just because the team notched up two good wins over their close rivals the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic.

In 2014 Netball New Zealand personnel are reaching out to one Centre in each Zone with an exciting programme aimed at coaches and umpires of all levels.

Netball New Zealand is pleased to confirm the draw for the 2014 College Netball competition which will run parallel to the ANZ Championship from March 3rd.

Haier Pulse Head Coach Robyn Broughton was delighted to have two opportunities to try out her new 2014 line-up during the pre-season games against the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic in New Plymouth this weekend.

This weekend’s ANZ Championship pre-season clashes in New Plymouth between the Haier Pulse and the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic will see legendary shooter Irene van Dyk run out in the yellow dress of the Pulse for the very first time.