Netball Central’s drive to expose and develop its next tier of coaching talent has gained considerable traction with eight candidates from the Zone recently accepted for the sport’s premier coaching qualification programme.

With the view to building on its depth of coaching talent, Central Manawa has appointed Emma Weenink and John Atkins as assistant coaches for next year’s Beko Netball League.

Netball New Zealand recently completed a major upgrade of their Online Learning & Development Portal.  The portal now holds a variety of useful modules, information and resources for Community Coaches.  Netball Central Zone is excited to introduce online support for Coaches using Zoom video conferencing.   These opportunities provide real-time support that will help Coaches access and navigate the portal, complete modules and ask questions from the comfort of their own home. 

Congratulations to the following players named in the Central Manawa Beko wider training squad 2019-2020.  This squad will be provided with S&C programme and support to prepare for the final Beko trial that will take place on 18 January 2020, Saturday.  During the pre-season and before the trial, players may be added and de-selected.

After three years in the assistant’s role, Anna Andrews-Tasola will make the step up to head coach of the Central Manawa team for next year’s Beko Netball League.

Netball Central Zone, in collaboration with Netball Wellington Centre, is excited to provide two innovative learning opportunities for Community Coaches. These are being held during the Zone’s upcoming Super Tourney on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September. 

Netball Central Zone Junior Development Officer Irene van Dyk will be sharing her shooting knowledge and passion with Community Coaches at an upcoming informal workshop at Huntley School in Marton.

A focus on developing homegrown talent has paid dividends for Netball Central after the Zone blazed its way to New Zealand’s two premier domestic titles in 2019.